The theatre is open for viewing between 14:30 and 17:30 on days when viewing is possible.
*Reservations are not necessary, but the schedule may change at the last-minute.

1[Mon] closed
2[Tue] closed
3[Wed] closed
4[Thu] booked / not open to public
5[Fri] closed
6[Sat] closed
7[Sun] closed
8[Mon] closed
9[Tue] closed
10[Wed] pre-lecture about "Shibuyanoh -Second night-"
11[Thu] booked / not open to public
12[Fri] Shibuya-Noh -Second night-
(Noh performance / Kongo school)

13[Sat] closed
14[Sun] closed
15[Mon] closed
16[Tue] closed
17[Wed] closed
18[Thu] Other events
19[Fri] closed
20[Sat] Kyogen workshop -Kyogen no susume- vol.19
(Kyogen performance/ Izumi school)

21[Sun] closed
22[Mon] closed
23[Tue] closed
24[Wed] closed
25[Thu] booked / not open to public
26[Fri] closed
27[Sat] closed
28[Sun] Other events
29[Mon] closed
30[Tue] closed