Cerulean Tower Noh Theatre’s events

Tickets for performances hosted by the Cerulean Tower Noh Theatre can be purchased in various ways. Please see the details below.

  • Bunkamura

    Bunkamura Ticket Centre (operator)
    03-3477-9999 <10:00-17:00>
    Direct Purchase
    Tokyu Theatre Orb/Bunkamura Ticket Counter <Shibuya Hikarie, 2nd floor/11:00-18:00>
  • Ticket Pia

    Ticket purchase at stores
    Tickets can be purchased at convenience stores. Please see the below website for details.
  • Cerulean Tower Noh Theatre


    03-3477-6412 <10:00-18:00 on weekdays/14:30-17:30 on weekends and public holidays>

    *The theatre does not handle certain performances.
    *The opening hours may vary depending on the event.

Other events

The Theatre does not handle ticketing for privately hosted events.