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Regular Performance -Hosho school-
(Noh performance / Hosho school)

Sat. May. 23, 2020
13:00 <1st show>
16:30 <2nd show>

<1st show>
Kyogen"Nariagari"(A Strange Evolution)
main performer:Tojiro Yamamoto

Noh"Sotoba Komachi"(Komachi and Sotoba)
main performer:Takashi Takeda

<2nd show>
Kyogen"Fumi Yamadachi"(The Cowardly Bandits)
main performer:Tojiro Yamamoto

Noh"Funa Benkei"(Benkei in the Boat)
main performer:Kazufusa Hosho

commentary in Japanese: Naoki Kaneko


PriceS: ¥10,000
A: ¥8,000
B: ¥6,000
Student seating: ¥4,000
*includes tax
*The prices displayed are for separate shows.
*Student seat tickets are only available at the Cerulean Tower Noh Theatre. Please present your student ID at the time of purchase.
Tickets on saleSun.Feb.23.2020
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