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<延期公演>狂言ノススメ その十九

Kyogen workshop -Kyogen no susume- vol.19
(Kyogen performance/ Izumi school)

Thu. Feb 11, 2021

Workshop: Kazunori Takano

Kyogen"Fumizumo"(Wrestling by the Book)
main performers: Hiroharu Fukata

Kyogen"Imoji"(The Letter I)
main performers: Kazunori Takano

supervisor: Mansaku Nomura


PriceReserved seating: ¥5,000
Free seating: ¥3,000
Student seating: ¥2,000
*includes tax
*Student seat tickets are only available at the Cerulean Tower Noh Theatre. Please present your student ID at the time of purchase.
Tickets on saleSat. Nov 14, 2020
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